General Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Changes to Reservations

a. In order to avoid misunderstandings, all cancellations must be carried out through DERHOTEL.

b. As a rule, existing reservations cannot be changed. The reservation must be cancelled and a new reservation booked. In case of questions or problems, please contact our Call Center.

Cancellation in Cases of Unknown Sender

In order to prevent misuse of DERHOTEL and to not unnecessarily burden hotels with erroneous/false bookings, DERHOTEL reserves the right in certain instances, to cancel non-guaranteed reservations if a confirmation inquiry cannot be made at the telephone number given by the guest. In such cases there shall be no right to accommodation.

The same shall apply in cases, where in the past frequent bookings were made under an e-mail address indicated by a guest, if the guest failed to show up for the booked reservation, or if no response was made to confirmation inquiries made by DERHOTEL at the given e-mail address. The guest can prevent such cases of cancellation due to presumption of erroneous/false booking by indicating his credit card number and making a guaranteed reservation.

Contract for Accommodation and Payment

a. The contract for accommodation arises directly between the client and the hotel selected, when the reservation is made. The General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to the brokerage services provided by DERHOTEL and have no effect on the conditions of the contract for accommodation. For details concerning the conditions of a particular contract for accommodation, DERHOTEL refers the reader to the general terms and conditions of the respective hotel. The contractual obligations of DERHOTEL are restricted to brokerage services for offers of accommodation services. The performance of the accommodation services which have been booked are not part the contractual obligations of DERHOTEL.

b. The client pays the room price confirmed by DERHOTEL directly at the hotel. All rights and obligations which result from the contract for accommodation, arise directly and exclusively between the client making the booking and the selected hotel.

Data Protection

Data provided by the client will only be made available for other parties to the extent that it is required for a reservation. Data will not be passed on for any other purposes. Furthermore, all legally prescribed data protection regulations will be observed when collecting and processing personal data.

Disclaimer of Liability

a. All disclosures have been made with due diligence and attention to detail. However, no liability can be assumed for possible mistakes which have occurred during the registration, processing or transfer of data.

b. With Finding 312 0 85/98 from 12 May, 1999 – Liability for Links – the Regional Court of Hamburg decided that when providing Internet links, one can, under certain circumstances, be held partially liable for the content of links provided. This can only be prevented, so the decree of the court, by explicitly disassociating oneself from the content. As DERHOTEL has no influence on the creation, design or content of such links, we hereby explicitly disassociate ourselves from the content of all linked pages on this server and declare that any representations made by such linked pages are not representations by DERHOTEL. This declaration applies to all available links on this server as well as to all archives, guest books and forums which may exist.


DERHOTEL does not currently charge travelers any fees for the brokerage of accommodation services which is within the scope of these General Terms and Conditions.

Hotel Categories and Hotel Information

The hotel classifications and hotel information given here are based upon disclosures made by the hotels themselves.

Information on Online Dispute Resolution

The European Commission’s official website for Online Dispute Resolution is available under DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH is neither obliged nor willing to participate in alternative dispute resolution proceedings.


German law shall apply and prevail. The legal venue for the settlement of any disputes arising from the interpretation and application of these General Terms and Conditions is Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. As regards all legal or natural persons who are not subject to the jurisdiction of German law in general, Frankfurt Am Main is hereby agreed upon as the legal venue for the settlements of disputes. Otherwise the legally prescribed jurisdiction shall be the venue for the settlement of any such disputes.

Kinds of Reservations

a. Unless otherwise stated, rooms held under a standard reservation are held until 4:00 pm, local time. If the guest has not arrived by 4:00 pm local time , the reservation is cancelled by the hotel, free of charge. No right to accommodation exists thereafter. If extenuating circumstances prevent the guest from arriving at the hotel by 4:00 pm, it is the guest’s obligation to notify the hotel as to the delay and the expected arrival time.

b. Under a guaranteed reservation, the hotel will hold a room for an entire night. In cases of noncompliance with specified cancellation notification periods or failure of a guest to arrive, the hotel shall have the right to charge the guest the cost of one overnight stay.

c. Standard and guaranteed reservations as discussed in a and b do not apply to reservations booked at special rates (promotional rates, last minute rates etc.). In such cases cancellation policies as specified by the hotel shall apply.

Passport, Visa and Health Regulations

Please bear in mind that you must possess valid travel documents. Please also observe any regulations related to customs laws or laws relating to foreign currencies . You are responsible yourself for compliance with such important regulations during your travel. All consequences which result from noncompliance will be at your own expense. Please inform yourself well in advance about any immunization shots and other precautionary measures which may be necessary in the areas you are travelling to.


a. Every reservation is forwarded through DERHOTEL acting as a messenger transmitting a declaration to the hotel concerned.

b. Room reservation is done automatically when bookings are made and is valid without a reservation confirmation. The reservation confirmation appears on the screen after booking and can be printed out. It is additionally relayed to the client by e-mail. Due to lack of technical security, DERHOTEL cannot check the reception of incoming confirmations which are relayed by e-mail. This does not affect the validity of the booking.

Room Rates

a. All DERHOTEL prices are contractually agreed room rates which apply to all bookings made through DERHOTEL. The binding room rates as offered, are guaranteed for every reservation made.

b. Rooms will be booked at the least expensive daily rate which is available in the DERHOTEL system, for the travel date selected. All available special rates in the DERHOTEL database are automatically taken into consideration when reservations are made.

c. All rates apply on a per room-per night basis, some are inclusive of breakfast while others are not.

d. In some countries further charges are added to room rates for special taxes or services, which are related to regulations prescribed by the respective countries or regions. The amount of such taxes is subject to constant change and therefore any listing thereof can only be non-binding in nature.

e. The best rates for the available hotels in the DERHOTEL system, which match your arrival date and length of stay, will be displayed. If differing rates are currently being offered for the desired length of stay, the average rate for the room will appear, which in turn will be broken down in detail on the firm offer.


These general terms and conditions shall apply to bookings made through the hotel booking platform DERHOTEL.

Separability Clause

Should any individual provision or any part of any provision of this agreement become void, illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall in no way be affected. In such case the void and/or illegal and/or unenforceable provision or provisions shall be replaced by relative provisions coming as close as possible to the sense and spirit and intended economic purpose of this agreement. The same shall apply when in the execution of this agreement, a loophole becomes apparent and supplementary provisions are deemed necessary. The parties are to undertake any necessary amendments, supplements or adjustments to this agreement in the spirit of good cooperation and team-work and are to take into account the joint economic interests of the parties when doing so.

Transfer of Data

The transfer of data provided by DERHOTEL to other data media, to include the transfer of excerpts of such data, for other purposed than the purpose intended here, requires the express consent of DERTOUR.