OBE (Online Booking Engine)

Straight to the point, faster to the target!

Our innovative technology and the user-friendly design of the DERHOTEL OBE make your hotel booking particularly easy and your travel planning completely comfortable.

For example, you can optimise the search for your desired hotels by means of an address-based hotel and area search. Important distances such as the distance to airports and train stations can be considered into account as well as company locations and other individual travel spots.

Good reasons for DERHOTEL OBE

Various search options
(city, airport, address, company location)

Detailed information on rates,
hotel facilities, location etc.

Wide choice of accommodation and hotel rates, thanks to the consolidation of different booking channels (Amadeus, Booking.com, DHISCO, DERHOTEL rates)

Highlighting of contract rates
and partner hotels of the corporate client

Display of trade fairs in the results list:
if trade fairs are taking place in the selected travel period, a corresponding note appears

Creation of personal and company-wide profiles and profile templates

Rate sorting selectable: contract hotels, price ascending, alphabetical by hotel name

Adaptation to the corporate design of the company

Blocking/exclusion of pre-paid rates

Hotel blacklist/hotel can be stored for one login or company-wide

Booking for self-payers or implementation of a payment solution

Display of CO² consumption values in the hotel results list

Display of hotel results in map view with zoom function, differentiation of various rate types and a selection of various filter criteria

Consider travel expense guidelines: Hotel rates that exceed the rate limits defined by the company can either be displayed with a special note or be hidden from the results list. Depending on the setting, globally, per country or city.

Different rights for users, travel managers and administrators

Due to the simple integration into your company intranet or your own corporate website, we can react flexibly and at short notice to your request.

Of course, you can also combine our DERHOTEL OBE with other products from our range.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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