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Destination & Border Crossing Information


For those who think they know it all

Do you require a visa, or is a valid passport sufficient to
enter the country of your holiday destination? Our country
requirements info provides the answer & many more
besides, enabling you to make all needed preparations.

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Weather data worldwide

Hot, rainy or stormy? Con-
sult the detailed weather
info provided here to find
out what climate conditions
you can expect on holiday.

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Currency Calculator


Updated exchange rates

Use the currency calculator
to work out exchange rates
quickly & easily. A comfor-
table & convenient way to
plan your holiday budget!

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Underground railway plans by

DERhotel Hotel - Underground railway plans from all over the world!

Do the initial research now & save yourself time later.
Simply select the required underground railway at your
destination. You will find a big choice of plans for public
transport in major cities in America, Africa, Asia,
Europe & Oceania.

Make your selection

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